Fully Automatic Double Head Grooving Machine


1. YCAD-200 steel pipe grooving machine is a fully automatic double head grooving machine, mainly used for prefabricated processing of prefabricated fire water pipes in factories. It consists of an automatic feeding system and a double head automatic grooving system.

2. The machining of the groove is controlled by a hydraulic cylinder, and the groove depth is achieved by the encoder through system parameters. The groove depth tolerance can be controlled within the range of national standards.

3. The steel pipe use range of this equipment can reach DN65-DN200, and the steel pipe length can be controlled between 3M-6M.


1. Loading table 1 set

2. Feeding plate 1 set 

3. Transfering device 1 set 

4. Conveying device (equipped with 6 sets of 0.37KW variable frequency motors) 1 set 

5. Lifting device (equipped with Omron encoder) 1 set 

6. One main machine on the left and one on the right