FMC Full Function Flexible Manufacturing Center for Air Duct


1. Realize simultaneous processing of straight ducts and irregular parts on one equipment

It can solve the problem of rewinding between auto duct line 5 and laser cutting machine, save labor and time costs and also solve the problem of purchasing equipment separately and occupying a large area.

2. Linkage mixed production, multiple processing modes

The fully automatic duct line 5 and rolling platform laser cutting production line can be used separately or simultaneously for production.

3. Fully automatic online opening function

No manual programming is required, online square and circular openings can be customized to complete the cutting of "Great Wall Mouth" and "Horseshoe Mouth", facilitating the installation of air vents in the later stage.

4. Device modularization

The equipment can be purchased separately and upgraded to an FMC flexible manufacturing center at any time in the future. (Please specify in advance when ordering)